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Error Tracking and Reporting System (ETR Plus)

A secure subscription-based comprehensive programmed application with a centralized admin for managing multiple facilities which allows monitoring, tracking and reporting error-based incidents in long-term healthcare facilities.

ETR Plus allows healthcare workers to report confidentially and without repercussions, mistakes and near mistakes.  The data is stored and easily accessible by healthcare organization for reporting purposes.  The greater increase in data the better engagement with 'errors and omissions'. We share the resolutions with other healthcare providers in a blind copy environment to come up with meaningful and needed changes. As the database gets richer, the solution will look for trends, commonalities, and anomalies; and the information becomes more statistically reliable.


  • A preventable error or omission costs the taxpayers on average $28,000 per mishap, driving the cost of medical insurance up as well as medical malpractice. This application will help deter the cost and lessen 'errors and omissions'.  It can save lives and lower insurance costs for healthcare networks, doctors and patients
  • ETR Plus - allows all subscribing facilities to confidentially compare themselves to facilities of similar size as well as ALL subscribing facilities.  This will allow facilities to see a more accurate picture.  For example, if Facility A decreases their Medication Errors by 20%, they may still be 40% above the Total Average for all subscribing facilities. This will more accurately inform the facility that they are moving in the right direction but still have a long way to go.
  • In a “Just Culture Environment, healthcare workers need to have the ability to report confidentially without repercussions, so they feel comfortable there will not be punitive action taken for an honest mistake due to a problem with a system.  If a Surgical Nurse is following the hospital’s Standard Operating Procedures and a mistake is made, there is a good possibility there is an error in the system.  This error must be reported so the process can be corrected.  Punitive action lowers the likelihood of reporting, and errors in the process will take longer to be rectified, if ever. Rapid and accurate reporting of errors allows quick correction. This helps the hospital by reducing both the total number of medical errors and their overall operational costs.  If a subscriber can reduce the total number of errors in their care facility by 15%, the financial savings will be quite substantial to facilities of all sizes.
  • Typically, this type of application costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Clients have the option to subscribe to a hosted community oriented solution, based on the number of facilities, or purchase as a stand-alone, customizable application, for a fraction of the industry-standard cost.

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