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Our team of developers, designers, programmers and marketing experts work together and with you to employ a very structured and focused three-phase methodology to guarantee satisfaction and results with every website. Following the close of a new project, we schedule an initial development meeting. Initial dev mtg’s are typically 60-90 minutes in length.

The initial development meeting happens on site at your business, so we can understand better your corporate culture, the process flow, and take any pictures of the product or service areas if necessary.  We discuss “Phase 1” items.  We will take notes on design and color preferences, as well as review the timeline and the deliverable requirements for DataMine and the client. 

For logos and branding/identity packages, we complete that process as a pre-requisite to beginning Phase 1.

PHASE 1: Research

Identify the subjective design items and navigation and produce a mock design.  Deliverables - logo, branding pieces, any representative photos for main site design (header, homepage rotator, etc). 

PHASE 2: Development

Build out of webpages and data applications, setup of administrative areas, addition of GUI elements.    Basically, at this point we are in full production mode.  The only thing that could stop us is lack of a content deliverable.

Once the mock design has been adjusted to your liking and approved with a sign-off, we proceed to “Phase 2”.    At this point, the deliverables should be any images related to each product or services area and the CONTENT you would like added. 

If you decide to use us to develop content, we will have interviewed and started that process during Phase 1.  A typical cost for this service ranges from $500 to $750.  Once the content is completed, it can be used on any print media (Media kit, brochure, etc.) as well as the website.  We also offer in-house translation services for Spanish and Urdu, and have strategic alliances with copywriters for other languages. 

PHASE 3: Implementation

Finalizing content, testing and debugging, training session on any administrative applications.