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managed hosting

DataMine offers full managed hosting services including: DNS/domain control, domain registration, email, website hosting and web applications.

Optional services: Secure multiple and remote intrusion prevention, and data backup.

Sites are backed up to SAN automatically each night. The servers' hard drives are all RAID 5 hot-swappable, so if a hard drive fails, the service is mirrored and rolls over to the next hard drive. Servers have SNMP alert, so admin is emailed in the event of failure. Servers can be accessed remotely by DM admin via VPN or secure web interface.

Database Integrity and Reliability (security vs. speed concerns)

SQL databases ensure scalability and speed. .NET architecture and .ASPx dynamic pages allow optimization and concise object oriented programming, resulting in rapid page generation using minimal bandwidth.

Maintenance & Administration

System will be made available 24/7/365 with a minimal downtime for any non-emergency Maintenance/Administration Periods, such as software/hardware/network upgrades, system maintenance. In all non-emergency instances, this period will be off-peak, during late night and on weekends.

Routine Maintenance Hours are M-F 8a-5p C.S.T. (-0600 GMT).

After Hours and on weekends we can be reached at 877-328-2646 or can be emailed at